This service is for re-flashing of a good nand file back to your "bricked" Xbox 360 console and permanently installing the cable needed to reflash your nand via hardware.  Then you get the console back and a NandX (or Maximus SD tool if corona 4gig) so that if you ever brick again in the future you'll be able to reflash the nand yourself!      To be clear - this service includes:

  • I open your console and solder in the Nand-X programmer cable  (or SD tool if Corona 4gig)
  • I rewrite a known good image to your console.   ***BONUS:  The image I write will always be on the latest dashboard version that is current as of the date I do the repair***
  • I then LEAVE the programmer cable installed and close your console back up -- THIS MEANS YOU CAN REFLASH YOUR NAND IF YOU EVER BRICK AGAIN WITHOUT NEEDING TO SOLDER ANYTHING!
  • I post a proof video of your console booting and working again.
  • I ship the console and a NandX programmer (or SD tool if corona 4g) back to you via USPS Priority Mail  (the cost of return shipping is included in the price)

The REQUIREMENTS to be eligible for this repair service:
  • The console must have been working BEFORE you bricked it.   This repair service will NOT cover other issues a console might have.  
  • If your console is a Corona 4gb you will NOT get a Nand-X, you will get a SD tool instead (see 3rd video below)
  • You must be able to provide a previously working backup copy of your nand --OR-- the console must have been sold by me, or was a send in service done by me.  

    **** If you cannot provide a good backup copy of the nand I can still repair it but there will be an additional fee.

    Typically a nandx costs $45+ on my store - with this you're getting a nandx + your console repaired!!!


Quick Summary:  This is a service where you mail me YOUR console, I repair it, then I mail it back to you.  Everybody gets a proof video. You pay for shipping to me, my price includes return shipping of the console back to you.    

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Bricked Xbox 360 PREMIUM Repair

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