This service is for flashing of a console's DVD drive.  Flashing the DVD drive requires that we (WeekendModder) dissemble your console, connect your DVD drive to a PC and dumps the firmware. Some slim drives are locked in such a way that they must be physically hacked (traces cut, bridges soldered) in order to make the drive writable again.  In some extreme cases the drive PCB may be replaced entirely.  The DVD key is then extracted from your firmware and placed within modded firmware that does not require original disks and that modded firmware is then written back to your DVD drive.  
**If your console requires a replacement drive board due to defect or if it is a Hitachi slim drive an additional $10 fee will be assessed. 

Once all that is complete, you will then have the ability to play PROPERLY** burned copied non original games.   This is great for keeping your original retail copies of games pristine allowing you to play from a copy without worry!
**Weekend Modder does NOT sell or provide burned or copied games EVER under ANY circumstances.  There are lots and lots of guides available online that will teach you what it takes to create PROPERLY burned games - please do your research ahead of time so you know what it will take to burn games.  TheWeekendModder cannot be responsible if you are unable to create a valid burn.

This service includes:

  • Flashing the DVD drive firmware of any SLIM Xbox 360 with a MFR date of 7/2011 and BEFORE  (LT 3.0 for most drive types)
  • Proof video showing your console playing a PROPERLY burned backup copied game. 
  • Return shipping of the console back to you is included in the price

Quick Summary:  This is a service where you mail me YOUR console, I MOD IT, then I mail it back to you.  Everybody gets a proof video. You pay for shipping to me, my price always includes return shipping of the console back to you.    

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DVD Drive Flashing - Slims with MFR 7/2011 and BEFORE (Trinity Consoles with 16D4S drives)

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