• JTAG Send-In Service

Please review your payment options over to the right.  Esssentially you have 3 choices.  You either pay up front via credit/debit card, pay by sending CASH payment with the console when you mail it in, or pay AFTER you see the proof video ($10 fee for waiting till post proof video). 

This item is for legit old-school JTAG service ONLY.  

This requires that you have a PHAT Xbox 360 on dashboard 2.0.7371 or below!

 If your dashboard is updated or you have a slim console you probably want the RGH service instead.  

RGH gives you the same funcationlity as JTAG but can be done on much newer dashboards and slim consoles!

****NOTE*****  The send in JTAG service price of $45 only includes return shipping within the USA - if you are looking to do an international send in your shipping charge could be significantly more!

You can check out a bunch of my past proof videos HERE and HERE.

Quick Summary of how this service works:

  1. You reserve your mod right here on this website which gives you access to the send in form.  Please write your LED color selection and fill in the send in form completely.
  2. You ship your console to me (include the send in form in the package)
  3. I mod your console, install FreeStyle Dash, Aurora Dash, DashLaunch, and XexMenu.
  4. I post a proof video of YOUR console to YouTube
  5. If you prepaid I mail it back to you right away, if not prepaid then I mail it back as soon as I get your payment.   You get to choose over on the right if you want to pay upfront $45 or pay after you see the proof video for $55.
That's it!  It's that easy.  You are responsible for shipping the console to me (your cost) but everything else is included in the price.  Return shipping back to you is included, custom LED's are included, proof video is included - it's all INCLUDED!!!   :-) 

Quick Summary:  This is a service where you mail me YOUR console, I MOD IT, then I mail it back to you.  There are a couple options for payment, you can pay upfront, or after you see proof video.  Everybody gets a proof video no matter how they pay. You pay for shipping to me, my price always includes return shipping of the console back to you.    

This service is to JTAG ANY Xbox 360 console on dashboard 2.0.7371 or below!  

JTAG requires a PHAT console and dashboard 7371 and below!   If you have a slim or an updated dashboard you need to use the RGH service!!!

Dashboard version 2.0.17511is the current dash if you are on 2.0.17511 or have a slim console please see the RGH send in page!!!


The ONLY training that TheWeekendModder provides you can READ BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE

Where do I ship to?
TheWeekendModder is located in Castle Rock, Colorado (just south of Denver). Full shipping instructions are provided when a service is reserved. 

What type of payments do you accept?
Sending cash in the package with the console is preferred and will save you $10, however if you want to pay after the mod is complete we use Amazon Checkout as our payment provider - that means you can use any credit or debit card accepted by Amazon to pay us. We NEVER accept Paypal. **NOTE** It is not possible to pay via Amazon Checkout using an Amazon giftcard balance, you must use a credit or debit card that you have on file with Amazon.

How long will it take to get my console back?
Typically most install services are performed either the same day, or day after your console is received. If you prepaid then I ship out the very next day, or if not prepaid then I ship either same day as payment or the very next day. I use USPS Priority Mail, so that takes 2-3 days MAX to reach anywhere in the USA. Most customers have their consoles back in their hands 3-5 days after I received it. HOWEVER, sometimes we get backed up with orders. TheWeekendModder guarantees your console will be mailed back out to you within 10 business days of being received - the 10 days is a worst case scenario. We have never once hit 10 days (yet). 

Do I need to send the power supply or AV cables?
Absolutely not. The only thing I ever need is the console itself, and any hard drives you want configured to work with the system if applicable. If you send the power supply you will actually be charged an additional fee for the extra shipping costs of sending it back. 

What if my console is banned?
It can still be RGH'd no worries! If it is banned when you send it in then it will still be banned when you get it back, HOWEVER since it will then be an RGH all you'll need to do is buy a fresh KV and you'll have yourself unbanned in minutes! 

Will you pre-load games/mod menus etc?
Absolutely not. I pre-load every console sent to me with XexMenu, FreeStyle Dashboard and Dashlaunch. That is it. No exceptions. I will not load games or menus even if you offer to pay me "extra". I just can't - getting in trouble for piracy is not worth it. 

Do I have to pay to ship the console to you?
Yes, you are responsible for shipping the console to me. The fee that you pay to me includes RETURN shipping only. You can use whatever method that you like to ship the console, however I recommend USPS Priority Medium flat rate boxes. They costs just $12.65 to ship and USPS even gives you the box free. 

Will you teach me how to mod games/lobbies/hack/boot ect?
No, absolutely not. There is a YouTube video series by "xxxModdedWarfarexxx" that I recommend - it answers pretty much all the questions about how to do things on a JTAG or RGH. I make specialize in making kickass consoles and hardly even play. I never take my modded consoles online so I am not much help in that regard.

What if my disc tray or eject button is broken?
Doesn't matter - it won't affect the RGH process in any way.

What if my console gets lost in the mail?
If it gets lost on the way to me - sorry, there is nothing I can do. If it gets lost on the way back to you from me - I ship everything USPS Priority mail which comes with $50 of built in insurance, unfortunately that is all you would get is the $50. TheWeekendModder is NOT liable if the postal service loses your console and will NOT issue a refund.

Can I use this console to mod online?
In order to mod on Xbox you need a few things:

1) A Xbox 360 capable of running un-signed (non Microsoft approved) code. Any JTAG or RGH can do this.
2) The base game you want to mod installed to your HDD, or a USB big enough to hold it. A typical game is between 5gb-7gb and some 2 disc games are as big as 12gb. 
3) The mod menu or patch itself. These are written by amateurs and are generally posted freely online on websites like se7ensins, but some are paid. 
4) A stealth plugin. There are both free and paid stealths, but this is what lets you get online with a JTAG/RGH. Without this you can't even get online with a JTAG/RGH.

I ONLY PROVIDE #1. The console that is capable. 2-4 are up to you, and I am not a trainer and do not teach modding.
The ONLY training that TheWeekendModder provides you can READ BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE 

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JTAG Send-In Service

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