Purchase includes:

-Nand-X programmer device

-Nand-X to nand header wires   (cable that goes from the nand-x to the 360's motherboard)

-Nandx to CR programming cable.  (cable that goes from the nand-x to glitch chips in order to program them)

Optional Add Ons:

-3d Printed case 

**Note:  No USB cable is included.  The nandx requires a USB "mini" type port. Technical name:  A-Male to Mini-B. Here are links to a few options if you don't have one:

Amazon Add on item (cheapest Amazon option)
Amazon Basics
Ebay (absolute cheapest option and ships from within the USA)

This product requires professional installation that should NOT be attempted by amateurs.

The Nand-X is one of the more durable nand reader/writers that exists, but it is VERY POSSIBLE to permanently damage your Nand-x if it is used improperly! The Nand-X is sold here with a LIMITED NON-DOA warranty only.

 That means we warranty against the part arriving dead or not working USER ERROR IS NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY.

Try the easy driver auto installer here:  http://weekendmodder.com/NAND-XDriverInstall.exe

Alternately drivers from here:  http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4434-nand-x-drivers/

Further Alternative instructions from TX directly:


This device is used for diagnostic/repair work on the Xbox 360 console.  

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Nand-X - Nand programmer and glitch chip flasher

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