This purchase is for ONE Ace V3 board/chip.   This chip is used for diagnostic/repair work on the Xbox 360 console.  


Purchase includes:

-Ace V3 Chip

-Adhesive pad to mound chip

-4 short red wires (for installing)

-2 longer red wires (for installing)

-Download of all timing files released by 15432 for the Ace.  (Available in your account under "Downloads" after purchase)

WARNING:  This most recent batch of Ace V3 chips seems to NOT work with the Trinity CR4 speedup timing but they do still work very well in Corona consoles.  I strongly recommend NOT purchasing these chips for use in Trinities!

I strongly STRONGLY recommend you consider the Matrix V1 and the "Muffin" CR4 install as a replacement.  I've got detailed images, timing files and tutorials on the Matrix V1 page here.


This product requires professional installation and should NOT be attempted by amateurs.

Due to the high possibility of user error the Ace V3 chip is sold here with absolutely NO WARRANTY.

There are NO RETURNS ACCEPTED under ANY circumstances once the item has been touched by a soldering  iron.

The official website of the manufacturer can be found here.
The un-official forum with lots of information can be found here.

A video tutorial of me installing this chip into a Trinity can be viewed here.

Corona RGH Tutorials: 

Here is a full mod of a CORONA 4gb nand using the Ace V3:

And a 16mb Corona:

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Ace V3 Chip

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