Xbox 360 Consoles

Xbox 360 Consoles

All console orders ship within 3 business days max! They are shipped via USPS priority mail, which is a 2-3 day delivery service anywhere in the USA (includes APO/FPO and US Territories).

If you're looking for proof, check out my secondary YouTube Channel "TWM Proof Videos" where have HUNDREDS of console purchases and send in proofs posted. Many of them with the console owners thanking me in the comments.

And if that's not enough my primary YouTube Channel "TheWeekendModder" has over 100 tutorial, review, and live-stream videos and very happy customers in the comments.   

Looking for an already modded console, but not finding what you want?

Consider buying a used console and taking advantage of our Send In Service to have it modded for you.  

It's often CHEAPER to buy your own console and then send it in than it would be to buy an already modified console!

Pretty reasonable $104 250gb slims, better deals can be had but you'd be at $180 total cost for a 250gb RGH...

We know these are trinity because of the glossy case, 250gb trinities for $85 shipped.

For deals where the ebay seller only has a single item, I'm just going to provide shortlinks below.  I'll try to update them weekly or so.  

The most recent update was 9/11/17.

Right now you can get a pre-NXE (which means about 95% sure they are JTAG'able)  for just $60 here:  and then you could send it in and have it JTAG'd for just $45

Amazon really frequently has pretty good deals on their 250gb S Model Slim Xbox 360 consoles, and if you buy one of those then you're 100% for sure gonna get a console that you can send in to my service for RGH modification. 

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